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To continually evolve as a musician is my personal goal.  I stared on this path at age nine and have had the good fortune of studying with some of the world’s most renown clarinetists, a practice I continue to this day.  There is always something new to learn, a better way to produce a sound, or a more efficient way to get the inner musician to emerge.

My teaching goals:

  • To help the student identify the aspect of Clarinet playing that is causing the problem
  • To get the student to feel the impact that it’s having
  • To get the student to move to “the fix” as fast as possible

When one approaches a student with these goals and a high energy non-judgmental outlook true change can happen very quickly.

Educational Services:

  • Private Clarinet Lessons
  • Masterclasses:
    • Fixing That “Fuzzy” Single Reed Sound – a workshop to improve the tone quality of your clarinet and saxophone sections
    • How to Practice and Play Anything in 20-Minutes – a workshop to teach you how to learn music quickly
    • Beating Performance Anxiety – through the use of the “Brainwave Articlator” workshop attendees will travel the downward spiral of a performance gone terribly wrong and how to effectively deal with these situations

To learn more about my educational workshops and Artist-in-Residence appearances, email me: