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Bb Clarinets: Backun Cocobolo Clarinet with Gold Keys, Antiqua by Backun Clarinet and Leblanc by Backun Symphony Clarinet

A Clarinet: Leblanc by Backun Symphonie

Eb Clarinet: Buffet RC Prestige Clarinet with Backun Barrels and Bells

C Clarinet: Buffet E11 Clarinet with Backun Barrels and Bells

Bass Clarinet: Buffet RC Prestige Low C Clarinet


Mouthpieces for Bb, A and C Clarinets: Backun MoBa Philadelphia (P) and Vandoren M30 models

Mouthpieces for Eb Clarinet: Backun MoBa Eb and Vandoren 5RV models

Mouthpieces for Bass Clarinet: Backun MoBa Bass+ and Vandoren B45 models


Reeds: Legere Signature synthetic reeds on all instruments with Vandoren 56 rue Lepic cane reeds on the Bb clarinet


Electronics: EWI 4000s Windsynth, Yamaha wx5, VL70 Turbo synth boxes, Roland 2020 synthesizer, QSC speakers, Behringer mixers and AKG 419 microphones